About Us

Co-Founder: Christopher Pelkey (left)

As a fellow card collector myself since the early 2000’s, I know the importance and significance cards & card collecting hold in both our professional & personal lives. There is an emotional connection to why I collect cards. Anywhere from my favorite players and favorite teams, all the way to athletes I may have met personally or athletes that may have impacted my life in some way.

These are more than just cards. These are memories of better times, connections with loved ones who share in the experience & a way to meet new people and share in a mutual love for collecting. That’s why Card Safe was created. To protect & preserve these memories & keep these connections alive.

Co-Founder: James Davitt (right)

Baseball has been my life since I was five years old, all the way through my college career at Bryant University. The aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player was a commitment to me early on. Although I never got the opportunity to play professional baseball, many of my teammates have and still do today. Current players like James Karinchak, Michael Conforto, Ernie Clement, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. are just a few who I've played with or against throughout my career. This is what drew me in to collecting baseball. The fact that my friends and colleagues are now competing at the highest level. 

During my childhood, Chris and I used to collect Sports, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards almost daily, constantly hounding our parents to bring us to the store and buy more cards from the toy aisle. The recent pandemic has brought card collecting back into my life at full force. It has rekindled the past of opening cards for the first time and has given me the opportunity to be closer with my brother Chris than ever before. Since then, Chris and I have thought long and hard about how we can improve the trading card industry for every collector, while sharing and cherishing the moments we all know to love, together.